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I use this to filter records by LocState: (States are passed as pipe delimited values like shown below but will be a parameter)

INSTR(CONCAT('|','TX|OH','|'),e.LocState) > 0

But...how can I make it work for something like this?:

INSTR(CONCAT('|','AO|WH15','|'),e.ProgramCode) > 0

It also causes a match for ProgramCode == 'WH1'.

POSITION(e.ProgramCode IN CONCAT('|','AO|WH15','|')) > 0

Doesn't work either.

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Let's say you have data records like this:

ID    ProgramCode
1     WH1
2     WH15

And you want to filter records that match WH1. If you are using this query:

FROM table
WHERE ProgramCode INSTR(CONCAT('|','AO|WH15','|'),e.ProgramCode) > 0

You're essentially saying:

Select records where ProgramCode is in the following string: '|A0|WH15|'

And since 'WH1' is in 'WH15' you get a false positive.

You would be better off using the WHERE IN construct, like this:

FROM table
WHERE ProgramCode IN ('A0', 'WH15');

This means:

Select records where ProgramCode (in its entirety) is in the following set of strings: 'A0', 'WH15'

If your filter criteria is passed as a pipe-delimited string, you'll need to parse it first so you can set up the proper data set for the IN arguments.

You might also be interested in using regular expressions since MySQL supports them.

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