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Say I have two buttons in my model's index view that are used to create a new instance of the model. I want to pass the variable :number to my controller and use it in the new function so I can alter my form slightly depending on which button was pressed. How can I access :number in the controller?

<%= link_to 'New Run 1', new_test_suite_run_path, :class => "btn btn-custom1" , :number => 1 %>

<%= link_to 'New Run 2', new_test_suite_run_path, :class => "btn btn-custom1", :number => 2 %>
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Do this instead

<%= link_to 'New Run 1', new_test_suite_run_path(:number => 1), :class => "btn btn-custom1" %>

And then in your controller my_number = params[:number]

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This works, thanks! However I am running into a problem where I am able to access :number in new but I cannot use it in create and so when I submit a form, the whole thing breaks. I am still sort of unsure as to how create works and have no clue as to how I would be able to pass this :number into create in the controller. –  vesselll Jul 9 '12 at 21:52
@vesselll I suggest you ask a new question for this one, and link me to it... It might get messy if I try to figure out what's going wrong here. Make sure to post your errors, controller code, etc. when you make the new question. –  varatis Jul 9 '12 at 22:01

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