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I am new with python adn I'd like to build a GUI where I could see three or four logs files at the same time generated from any others applications. To see the log files from the other application I used to do a less command, but I have many logs files and it is difficult to identify the errors.

Any comments

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I would use PyQt (python bindings for Qt) and perhaps use four QTableWidget panes to keep track of the four log files. But that's just personal preference. Python also has bindings for the Wx windowing toolkit, for GTK and for Tk.

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There's PySide (alternative bindings for Qt, with a more commercially-liberal license) if licensing PyQt is an issue. I think OP should pick one and study it. As far as documentation goes, PySide ( wins out over PyQt (since it references the C++ Qt documentation if memory serves) – darkphoenix Jul 9 '12 at 20:59

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