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Hi there I am not sure if i am using the wrong watir syntax or if there is something wrong with my watir. Below if the code that I am writing to go through each row of a table body. Be

e.frame(:name => "content").frame(:name => "main").tbody(:class => "blacklabel").each(){|i|.....} 

when i run this code i get a missing error code. Also when i try

e.frame(:name => "content").frame(:name => "main").tbody(:class => "blacklabel").length()

I get a missing method error. Below is the website that i am using.

enter image description here

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You want to iterate over the rows collection rather than the table body - ie you need to call rows() before the each(). So you want to do:

my_table = e.frame(:name => "content").frame(:name => "main").tbody(:class => "blacklabel")

The tbody element uses the TableSection class. The TableSection API can be seen here -

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