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I'm trying to set up ccache in Qt Creator on Windows.

Unfortunatelly I couldn't find any good instruction. How to make it working?

I have ccache installed with Cygwin.


I've tried adding

QMAKE_CXX+="ccache g++"

as additional parameter in qmake build step.

But in compile output I still have "g++ -c -g -Wall ..." and I suppose it should be "ccache g++ ..."

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It should be:

"QMAKE_CXX=ccache g++"

And you might need to rerun qmake from the Build menu if QtCreator doesn't update automatically the makefile after you add that parameter.

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I also must set CCACHE_DIR in Windows cause ccache was unable to create $HOME/.ccache –  krzych Jul 10 '12 at 6:19

QtCreator doesn't know about ccache, and besides, it's looking for trouble to mix Cygwin binaries with native binaries on Windows.

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