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what i am trying to do is setup if statements to check if a checkbuttons value is on or off

what i was thinking was something like this

from Tkinter import *

def checkbutton_value():
    #If statement here
    #is their something like 

    #if checkbox_1.onvalue == True:
    #   checkbox_2.deselect()

    #if checkbox_1.varible == checkbox_1.onvalue:
    #   checkbox_2.deselect()

    print 'Need Help on lines 7-8 or 10-11'


checkbox_1 = Checkbutton(root, text='1   ', command=checkbutton_value).pack()
checkbox_2 = Checkbutton(root, text='2   ', command=checkbutton_value).pack()

checkbox_3 = Checkbutton(root, text='QUIT', command=quit).pack()

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First, do not create and pack a widget on one line. pack returns None, so in your code above, checkbox_1 is None. Instead:

checkbox_1 = Checkbutton(root, text='1   ', command=checkbutton_value)

Now, to get the value of the checkbutton:

def checkbutton_value1():

def checkbutton_value2():

checkbox_1 = Checkbutton(root, text='1   ', variable=var1, command=checkbutton_value1)
checkbox_2 = Checkbutton(root, text='2   ', variable=var2, command=checkbutton_value2)

It is often desireable to create your own checkbutton class for things like this:

class MyCheckButton(CheckButton):
    def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):

    def is_checked(self):
        return self.var.get()
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Deleted my answer in lieu of your more detailed one. +1 –  Joel Cornett Jul 9 '12 at 22:05
Thanks i didnt no about the pack being None although i dont ever use pack/grid on the same line in real code but i guess there still is an effect in test code –  Crispy Jul 9 '12 at 22:07
@Crispy -- Also have a look at the Radiobutton widget ( effbot.org/tkinterbook/radiobutton.htm ). That might be more suited for what you want then a series of checkbuttons. –  mgilson Jul 9 '12 at 22:12
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