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I'm trying to call this XML-RPC Method from Android( using this libraries

The call code is:

        XMLRPCClient client = new XMLRPCClient(new URL(""));
    try {
        Object o ="foxrate.currencyConvert", "USD","GBP",(double)1);
    } catch (XMLRPCException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

It generates a correct XML call, but the server returns Http error code 301. When I try to do this call from firefox with POSTER plug-in it works fine.

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The HTTP 301 status code means, that the server wants to forward to another URL.

In this case it wants to take away the "www" and redirects to

If you want the aXMLRPC client to follow this redirects (what it doesn't in its default mode), use the FLAGS_FORWARD flag. The first line of your code should look like this:

XMLRPCClient client = new XMLRPCClient(new URL(""), FLAGS_FORWARD);

You will find more flags -- for the case something else happens (like invalid SSL certificates ;)) -- in the documentation.

Of course, you could also use directly as URL, but that would be too simple :) (And they might change it later to some other redirect.)

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Use this

It is quite good and worked very well for me.

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