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I am attempting to setup an expectation on a repository. The method makes use of the params keyword:

string GetById(int key, params string[] args);

The expectation I have setup:

var resourceRepo = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IResourceRepository>();
resourceRepo.Expect(r => r.GetById(

throws this exception:

Test method XYZ threw exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Use Arg ONLY within a mock method call while recording. 2 arguments expected, 7 have been defined.

What is wrong with the setup of my expectation?

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params is just an array:

var resourceRepo = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IResourceRepository>();
  .Expect(r => r.GetById(
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Agreed, frustratingly Visual Studio was given me an error when I tried this yesterday. I didn't however actually build the app so the "error" was the IDE "losing its mind." #sigh I made a minor modification to your answer as ContainsAll requires an IEnumerable<T>. –  ahsteele Jul 10 '12 at 17:16
@ahsteele. Right, it requires an array. Would have been nice to have params there ... –  Stefan Steinegger Jul 11 '12 at 5:43
I think the correct answer would be to use .Equal instead of .ContainsAll there. Contains is not restrictive enough, since it would pass if more things were provided in the original call. –  julealgon Feb 13 at 19:10
@julealgon: the question is about the syntax, not about details of the test. Take my code with ContainsAll as an example to write your own test according to your needs. –  Stefan Steinegger Feb 14 at 6:30
Ok, fair enough. I thought you were writing his test in the correct form (still seems like it), in which case Equal would have to be used. –  julealgon Feb 14 at 12:24

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