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I seem to be coming across a lot of variable (boolean) for some Options that control whether something will be done, like:

  • GiveWarningEnabled
  • FeedbackEnabled (will provide feedback)

These will be used a lot and I"m trying to think of a good pre/suf fix that will indicted it's Boolean. My best thought so far was Enabled.

Perhaps: Will?

  • WillGiveWarning (or WillWarn)
  • WillGiveFeedback?
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2 Answers

often times "is" will be used, such as isPlaying or isWifiEnabled. Will, should, can, and does are also good ones to use because they express conditions. A verb such as "give", like the one you listed, seems to better fit a function declaration since it is performing an action.

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My preferred naming convention. –  Lee Taylor Jul 9 '12 at 22:40
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I usally prefer flag.

Example: warningFlag, feedbackFlag.

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