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I'm using vim Powerline, it comes by default with quite a few segments in the powerline. More than I want.

I'd like to remove several of the default ones. Specifically, the one that tells me my git branch, the file encoding, the source language, the line/col number, the one that says unix (probably line ends).

In the docs, they say you should be able to use Pl#Theme#RemoveSegment.

So I added call Pl#Theme#RemoveSegment('fugitive') to my ~/.vimrc, and then ran :PowerlineClearCache and reloaded the file, but the git branch is still there. Perhaps I'm getting the name wrong, I guessed that this is the one that enters my git branch based on the naming from here.

If there's a way to reflect on some variable and see what segments are registered, that would be useful, but I can't tell if I'm getting the name wrong, or invoking the method incorrectly, or what.

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The theme list suggests maybe the segment name should be fugitive:branch instead of fugitive. Kind of guessing, though.

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There may be more segments being added. I personally would suggest instead of using Pl#Theme#RemoveSegment do the following:

  1. Copy {path/to/powerline}/autoload/Powerline/Themes/default.vim to ~/.vim/autoload/Powerline/Themes/my.vim.
  2. Replace in the first line of a new file default with my: it should look like

    let g:Powerline#Themes#my#theme = Pl#Theme#Create(
  3. Add

    let g:Powerline_theme='my'
  4. Remove all the stuff you don’t need, you will find plenty of it.
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I tried this and nothing happened. I do think it's reading the my.vim theme, however, because it complained when I hadn't yet modified the line, '~/.vim/bundle/vim-powerline/autoload/Powerline/Themes` –  Rose Perrone Mar 11 '13 at 4:00
@RosePerrone You are a bit late here. Powerline-vim is deprecated since November, 2012; and there is now a working replacement written almost purely in python (named just powerline). You may forgot to run :PowerlineCacheClear, :PowerlineClearCache or whatever it was called then (AFAIR applicable in case you first copied the theme, checked whether it works and only then started removing stuff). –  ZyX Mar 11 '13 at 14:55

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