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1) I have this function in my .html file. This .html file is hosted on google site, but I can make a connection to using the makeRequest function, infact I can make connection to any site that is not hosted on google site. My problem is, the moment i change the URL to a http://mymachine:8080, the makeRequest does not work any more.

2) I am making sure that the client accessing it also withen the network and the machine is pingable, but it just does not work from javascript. What I am doing wrong??

function makeConnectionToServer()

    var params = {};  
    params[] =;  
    var url = "";, state_Change, params);

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I don't know how the makeRequest function works, but I'm guessing that it's an external API that uses server-side code to make the request. When you put your own machine's URL, a firewall may be blocking that server side request and preventing you from getting the response.

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