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I'm building Active Directory Authentication into my application and I am planning to link my application's internal accounts to a user's domain SID. It is easier for me to work with the string format of the sid than a byte array so I was planning to store it in the database as a string. How long should I make the field to ensure SID's will not get truncated?

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I had the same question, and I believe the right answer is:

SID as string: 184 characters, or varchar(184) in SQL Server

SID as string of Hex digits: 136 characters, or varchar(136) in SQL Server

SID as binary: 68 bytes, or varbinary(68) in SQL Server

I haven't checked the math myself, but the technique used here looks valid:

Refer to the program written by Russell Mangel on Aug 19, 2006, also copied here for reference:

So the answer to my question is:

varbinary(68)-- pure binary varchar(136) -- (68*2) = hexString varchar(184) -- SID String

I wrote a little program to test, notice that .NET 2.0 has SecurityIdentifier.MaxBinaryLength, I didn't know about this.

Console.WriteLine("SID Min. num Bytes: {0}",
Console.WriteLine("SID Min. num Bytes: {0}",
Byte[] bytes = new byte[SecurityIdentifier.MaxBinaryLength];
for (Int32 i = 0; i < bytes.Length; i++)
bytes[i] = 0xFF;
bytes[0] = 0x01; // Must be 1
bytes[1] = 0x0F; // Max 15 (base10)
SecurityIdentifier sid = new SecurityIdentifier(bytes, 0);
String sidString = sid.ToString();
Console.WriteLine("Max length of SID in String format: {0} ",

Results ------------------------------

SID Min. num Bytes: 8 SID Min. num Bytes: 68 Max length of SID in String format: 184 S-1-281474976710655-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295- 4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295 -4294967295-4294967295-4294967295-4294967295

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