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I am trying to get a remote stacktrace on a crash, and so I'm trying to use android-remote-stacktrace. In eclipse, I imported it and added it to my build path, but I am getting this error:

07-09 20:54:32.983: E/AndroidRuntime(1814): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.nullwire.trace.ExceptionHandler

This is odd, because I see trace.jar in my "Reference Libraries" and I see this class in there which you can see in this screenshot of my Eclipse window.

Is there something I am missing? Here is the code calling this class, I'm linking to github so that you can see that this is used in a Service. Is it because "this" refers to a service rather than an Activity?

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You can create folder libs inside your project folder (if there is no one). Put your trace.jar in libs.

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