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I need to parse an XML, and change all the attribute names to lowercase using JDOM. Is there a nice way to do this?

So if I have:

<record ID="1" name="Dom" />
<record iD="2" nAmE="Bob" />

it becomes:

<record id="1" name="Dom" />
<record id="2" name="Bob" />
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Using JDOM 2.0.2 you could probably use an XPath, and loop the names. The problem is that you could end up with a conflict if, for example, an Element has multiple attributes that resolve to the same lower-case names, like 'ID' and 'id'.... but that is something you probably won't have to deal with.

Try some code like (will only return attributes in the no-namespace namespace):

XPathExpression<Attribute> xp = XPathFactory.instance().compile("//@*", Filters.attribute());
for (Attribute a : xp.evaluate(mydoc)) {

If you do not want to use XPaths (this way is also probably faster), you can loop the descendants:

for (Element e : mydoc.getDescendants(Filters.element())) {
    if (e.hasAttributes()) {
        for (Attribute a : e.getAttributes()) {


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