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I am trying to get phpMyAdmin to show the image/link for a field that has a local path. For example, the path of my picture is Z:/Koala.jpg.

I've setup MIME type: plain/txt and the Browser Transformation: txt/plain imagelink. It works for online images where the picture has http:// but not for files stored on my local hard drive.

It actually shows the Z:/Koala.jpg as a link and underlined, but it won't open anything when I click. phpMyAdmin appends file:\\ but I've tried both ways and no luck. Multiple browsers too.

PS Z:/ is a mapped network drive of my Network attached storage. But it doesn't work even if I use C:/.....

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What you're trying to do isn't possible. Security restrictions in modern web browsers prohibit web sites from loading resources from the local filesystem (e.g, file://).

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really? if I copy and then paste into the URL box "file:///Z:/Koala" the image opens up just fine in Chrome –  user1484020 Jul 10 '12 at 1:43
Right, but that only works when you explicitly navigate to a local file (using the URL bar). You can't load, or even link to, local files from online (e.g, http:// or https://) sources. –  duskwuff Jul 10 '12 at 2:40

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