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I try make a bind-key for tmux with two keys, like

bind-key Vs split-window "command00"

I try with this in my ~/.tmux.conf

bind-key V split-window "~/.tmux/tmux-v.sh"

and this script tmux-v.sh

read -n 1 input                                                                          
case $input in                                                                           
    s ) tmux split-window 'vim +VimShell' ;;                                             
    S ) tmux new-window 'vim +VimShell' ;;                                               
    * ) tmux new-window "vim" ;;                                                         

this work, but this solution split the window.

I try with command-prompt and run-shell but is necessary press ENTER

any suggestion ?

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Try this:

bind V send-keys "~/.tmux/tmux-v.sh" \; send-keys "Enter"
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