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I have deployed a Spring application on CloudFoundry with MySQL service. I want to connect to that CloudFoundry MySQL instance from MySQL Workbench/QueryBrowser.

Is there a way to get connection params(driver, url, username, password) for that mysql db on CloudFoundry?

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try to connect with cadlecott application (vmc tunnel) to your mysql service. You can use the provided username, password and service name to your MySQL Workbench.


vmc create-service mysql mysql-test
vmc tunnel mysql-test
Service connection info: 
  username : u5B3ShwOIX40c
  password : p2VoxZqZQRxTz
  name     : d5dc313431cff4046b68798a8bba1328c

Starting tunnel to mysql-test on port 10000.

**1: none**

2: mysql

3: mysqldump

Which client would you like to start?: 1

( Select the 1st choise)

Then open the MySQL Query Browser and use the above username/password. Set the hostname to instead of localhost and remember to set the port number. The default is 10000.

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Currently I am using STS to deploy my app on CloudFoundry. I will try to install VMC and try it. Thanks for the reply. – sivaprasadreddy.k Jul 11 '12 at 4:39

please take a quick read though the documentation for vmc tunnelling here :-

As Nikos already pointed out, just select option one after connecting the tunnel and then use the supplied parameters to connect MySQL Workbench.

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