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I have some lines bookmarked. I want insert a bookmark to next line of these lines.


I recorded this macro on Notepad++ but I don't understand because doesn't work well:

down arrow

This simply combination give me errors, is there a solution?

This is the raw macro code:


In this case I record 3 times F2-down arrow-ctrl+F2.

But I don't want to record the number of lines that are marked (21,59,63), I want simply apply the macro.

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Note: Notepad++ questions are just as on-topic here as any other dev tool. –  Kev Oct 21 '12 at 22:12

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i solve this problem using AutoHotKey..i record a script and edit it with this text:

WinWait, *new  2 - Notepad++, 
IfWinNotActive, *new  2 - Notepad++, , WinActivate, *new  2 - Notepad++, 
Sleep, 100

**new 2 is the name of my current opened notepad++ window

** Send, {F2}{DOWN}{CTRLDOWN}{F2}{CTRLUP} is the keyboard command required to create a bookmark after the above bookmark. If i copy many times Send, {F2}{DOWN}{CTRLDOWN}{F2}{CTRLUP} I get the desired result

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