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I'm looking for automated GUI testing apps. So far, I've found Froglogic's Squish, Dogtail, and the Linux Desktop Testing Project.

Are there any good free tools for testing linux apps out there? I don't have the option of rewriting the applications that I'm testing.

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There are two different kind of tools that I know:

  • Based on the accessibility layer: LDTP, dogtail, strongwind
  • Based on image recognition: sikuli, xpresser

In my opinion, LDTP is the best tool right now since it provides a way to access programatically to the widgets in your application through the accessibility layer. However, the accessibility layer isn't really stable yet, in particular if it's enabled system-wide. So I'd let LDTP enable accessibility just for your application for testing.

Sikuli looks promising, but I'm reluctant to recommend it because I'm not completely sure that a change in resolution, theme, font, etc. won't break all your test cases and you may end up spending a considerable amount of time maintaining them.

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From my testing experience so far, I can definitely tell you that it is not a great idea to automate GUI and usability testing. It is better to leave these kind of testing for human beings.

Still if it is necessary to automate, I would recommend you to use good tools like Silktest or Selenium.

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