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This script is attempting to:

  • create a new folder
  • scan an InDesign document for all images
  • convert all images to grayscale in Photoshop
  • save new grayscale images in the new folder from Photoshop

Converting the images to grayscale in Photoshop requires the use of the BridgeTalk object, which allows for the communication between InDesign and Photoshop (the usage of the BridgeTalk object seems to be a form of Ajax).

What I have so far is almost working, being that a new folder is created, and InDesign does seem to be communicating with Photoshop via BridgeTalk. But when Photoshop is opened, nothing happens -- no new images are saved, and I'm not sure if the grayscale conversion is taking place or not...

Here is my code:

#target "InDesign"

var inDesignDocument = app.activeDocument;
var newFolder = createFolder(inDesignDocument); // if subdirectory images DNE, create this folder with the function below

sendImagesToPhotoshop(inDesignDocument, newFolder);


function createFolder(doc)
         * type-casting the filePath property (of type object) into a String type;
         * must be a String type to concatenate with the subdirectory variable (also of type String)
        var docPath = String(doc.filePath);
        var subdirectory = "/BLACK AND WHITE IMAGES";

    var imagesFolder = docPath + subdirectory; // concatenating the two variables

    return imagesFolder; // for instantiation outside of this function

} // end of function createFolder


function sendImagesToPhotoshop(doc, folder)
    var imgs = doc.allGraphics;
    var fileName = "";
    var img = "";
    var imgType = "";

    for(var i = 0; i < imgs.length; i++)
        if(imgs[i].itemLink != null)
            fileName = imgs[i].itemLink.name;
            img = new File(folder + "/" + fileName); // each image instantiated here
            imgType = imgs[i].imageTypeName; // image type is determined here (.tif, .jpg, .png, etc..)

            alert("The file \"" + fileName + "\"\n\tis a " + imgType + " file.");

            // each image exported to the new folder here, by file type
                case "GIF":
                    alert("This script cannot convert and export the GIF file:\n\t" + fileName + " !");

            case "JPG":
            case "EPS":
                case "PNG":
                case "TIFF":


                    alert("\tUnlisted image type: " + imgType + "!\nAdd this type to the switch statement.");

            } // end of switch statement

        } // end of if statement
    } // end of for loop

} // end of function sendImagesToPhotoshop


function createBridgeTalkMessage(imagesFolder)
    var bt = new BridgeTalk();
    bt.target = "photoshop";
    bt.body = saveNewImageInPhotoshop.toSource() + "(" + imagesFolder.toSource() + ");";

    bt.onError = function(e)
        alert("Error: " + e.body);

    bt.onResult = function(resObj){};


}// end of function createBridgeTalkMessage


    // called from function createBridgeTalkMessage
    function saveNewImageInPhotoshop(imagePath)
        var photoshopDoc = "";
        app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO; // Photoshop statement, prevents status alerts from interrupting
        photoshopDoc.changeMode(ChangeMode.GRAYSCALE); // convert image to GRAYSCALE

        photoshopDoc.saveAs(new File(imagePath) );

    } // end of function saveNewImageInPhotoshop

This is based on the work of Kasyan Servetsky, found here:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/3817782

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It seems you are passing a folder to Photoshop instead of an actual image file. That may probably explain your issue ;)


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Ha, oops! Ok, so now I am passing the File object img to BridgeTalk, thanks for pointing that out @Loic. –  Ian Campbell Jul 12 '12 at 1:23
However there are other problems, which I have found solutions to -- the function that bt.body is calling can't have any single-line quotes because .toSource() evaluates the entire function and parameters as a single-line String (use multi-line comments instead). Also, the parameter(s) passed to BridgeTalk must be of type File or Folder, because otherwise .toSource() is escaping all of the backslashes in the parameter's file path, causing it to not evaluate on open or saveAs. These are the changes that I made to Servetsky's code (mentioned above) for it to work correctly. –  Ian Campbell Jul 12 '12 at 1:24
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Yeah I experienced issues recently with single line comments and indeed using /* ... */ did teh trick. I think you can pass a string for your url but need to escape the slashes characters;


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