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I have to develop complex web application in symfony 2 where i have 20 database entites and many to many relationships.

I am experienced programmer but i am new to this symfony and OOP.

Is there any tutorial where i i can see many entitties and repositories and thier relationship as an example to start with


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I don't know of any very complex tutorials of Symfony2 yet made to the public, but here are some good ones that helped me start out when I was first learning Symfony2:

1) Symblog:

2) Jobeet:

But I probably learned the most from just reading over the thorough the book/cookbook available on the symfony2 website:

Symfony2 is strictly object oriented, so you might want to read up on OOP as well if you're new to the concept.

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LilaConceptsBestPracticeBundle is another great bundle showing Symfony 2.1 best practices (covering integration with Travis CI, Code styles fixer, Composer, etc).

I highly recommend these for everybody who is looking for best-practices (like me). :)

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