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Suppose that we put like button on the link ""

We want to check if a user click liked on this link "" or not. If user cliked like on this. we will gave some discount for him or give him some reward.

how to do this

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As long as it is an Open Graph URL you can check the url_like table

SELECT user_id FROM url_like WHERE user_id = me() and url="THE_URL_TO_CHECK"

A successful JSON response would contain the user_id so you should just place a conditional function to return true or false after executing the query.

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You can use the Javascript SDK from facebook. You can read all likes from an user or ask for specific page:

FB.api("/me/likes/" + OBJECT_ID, function(response) {
  // Do some staff here with page data

FB.api("/me/likes/", function(response) {
  // Do some staff here with all pages data

You can use the Graph API explorer in order to test this.

If your case, you need to know your Object ID in the Facebook Open Graph. You can check this in the following site

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