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in the "delete selected documents" action it is possible to specify a confirm message, so i can tranlsate this message in every language. But, if no document was selected, a dialog appears with the message "Please select one or more documents to delete.". Is there any way to translate this message?

Thanks Mario

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Here are some instructions on setting up translation in XPages:

you can use this with a action. What happens is you will have a property file with strings, these will be translated and then the correct one will be used. something like:

                    //where "strings" is a variable pointing to the resource bundle

            ... delete code ...
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I know, but if no document is selected, the standard message "Please select one or more documents to delete." ist displayed, i cannot change this message anywhere i think.... – Mario Semper Jul 10 '12 at 7:40
a lot of the inbuilt messages do translate if you enable the settings as mentioned in the link. failing that it would be up to to ensure one is selected. A simple script running as the first part of the delete button could check is there a document open / selected. You could also use the <xp:actionGroup> property "condition" to decide if it is executed. Have one that deletes if there is a doc and one that displays an error message if not – Simon McLoughlin Jul 10 '12 at 7:47

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