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I had 2 tables: fruits and vegetables fruits is as follow:

id - name       - weight
0    apple        2
1    banana       4
2    strawberry   7
3    oranges      5

vegetables is as follow: id, name,color,weight,vitamins are fields/columns

id - name     - color - weight - vitamins
0    tomato             1     
1    pumpkin            5  
2    eggplant           4  

I want to return the results where the weight is not the same on the left table (fruits) in this case it would be : apple, strawberry what would be the best method please

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Select * from Fruits where weight not in (Select weight from vegetables)

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2!2/4bb74/1 – biziclop Jul 10 '12 at 4:36

Deepesh's solution is perfect, but here is a solution using left join:!2/4bb74/2

SELECT fruit.*
FROM      fruit
LEFT JOIN vegetable ON vegetable.weight = fruit.weight
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Try this code

       SELECT * FROM Fruits WHERE  NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM  vegetables WHERE  vegetables.weight = fruits.weight)
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