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I would looking at example given alexhomes's hadoop-book here

I could not understand why close method is synchronized? and why only close() and no other method ?

public synchronized void close() throws IOException {

Can some one explain me? That will be very helpful.

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well ask him why he made that synchronized, the interfaces don't force you to declare the method synchronized. – Thomas Jungblut Jul 10 '12 at 7:38
And unless you're running the multi threaded-mapper (generally discouraged), it's all single threaded anyway. Even then, MultithreadedMapper has it's own sync around the record reader anyway (See the source for‌​KeyValue()) – Chris White Jul 10 '12 at 10:35
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As I mention in the book, I used the ElephantBird project's LzoJsonRecordReader class as a basis for my version, as I wanted to write one which didn't require LZOP compression. ElephantBird used a synchronized close method in their RecordReader, which as a result made its way into my version too. As other have mentioned there is no reason that I know of to synchronize the close method in MapReduce.

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