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I have applied the full-text index on two fields (title, description) of an existing table. This table already have 7000 - 8000 records.

The search is not working as expected. Even i provide the full title in the search field but i could not get that record at the top and there are also some non-relevant records.

Is there any need to re-insert all the records in the table after adding the full text index? Or what could be the problem?

Here is the query for reference:

SELECT * FROM f_table f WHERE MATCH (f.tit, f.des) AGAINST ('Rasta Man Vocal 4')

Its not showing this 'Rasta Man Vocal 4' record at the top. Its it on the 4th position. Here is the detail of first four records:

#  (tit)                (des)
1) Rasta Vocal 1.wav    Male Rasta Vocal-Tune into the King
2) Rasta Jah DnB        Rasta Increase Come from Jah DnB Vocal Reggae
3) Rasta Man Vocal 2    Rasta Man Vocal 2 Download
4) Rasta Man Vocal 4    Rasta Man Vocal 4 Download

Its just an example.

Please help, thanks in advance...

Another question: Is there a way to give more preference to one field (tit) than other (des)?

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Try this::

SELECT *,MATCH (f.tit, f.des) AGAINST ('Rasta Man Vocal 4') as relevance  FROM f_table f WHERE MATCH (f.tit, f.des) AGAINST ('Rasta Man Vocal 4') order by relevance desc
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