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I have 2 view controllers say VC-1, VC-2. I have VC-2 displayed over VC-1 through navigation stack. VC-1 has textView and VC-2 has webView. Now I need to update the VC-1's content as soon as VC-2 is popped off. Hence I am using viewDidDisappear method of VC-2 to set the content and using that in viewWillAppear of VC-1 to update the textView (VC-1's content). But before viewDidDisappear finishes itself viewWillAppear of VC-1 gets executed and the content is not updated. I have checked this by NSLogging. viewDidDisappear has some file reading stuff so I guess that is causing the problem. How can I make the WillAppear(of VC-1) to get called after DidDisappear(VC-2) gets finished?

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-viewWillAppear: is called before your view comes on screen at all. -viewDidDisappear: is called after your view is wholly gone from the screen. Therefore on any sort of animated transition, e.g. a navigation stack pop/push, the incoming VC's -viewWillAppear: will necessarily be called before the departing VC's -viewDidDisappear: is called. This is perfectly correct.

You should probably take the work you're doing in -viewDidDisappear: and move that to -viewWillDisappear: instead.

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Thank you so so much! I had pulled my hair out trying to fix it. Thanks for the info regarding the methods, I didn't know that. Seriously, you just saved my life. :) –  gamersoul Jul 10 '12 at 5:01

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