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How can I pass command-line arguments to a Perl program?

I have code that parses an input file and outputs a .stat file and a .csv file. What do I need to code to run my Perl Script from a command prompt like this?

perl myprogram.pl -i "C:\temp\inputfile.txt" -o "C:\temp\myoutput.csv" -s "C:\temp\myoutput.stat"

Where the -i is the input file (required) and the -o is the output file location for a csv (required) and the -s is the output file for a .stat file (optional). I already have the code for the program but need to implement the arguments so that they can run in command line. Thank you.

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use Getopt::Long qw( GetOptions );

sub usage {
   print STDERR @_ if @_;
   print STDERR ...;

sub help {
   print ...;

my $input_qfn;
my $csv_qfn;
my $output_qfn;

   "help|h|?" => \&help,
   "i=s"      => \$input_qfn,
   "o=s"      => \$csv_qfn,
   "s=s"      => \$stat_qfn,
) or usage();

defined( $input_qfn )
   or usage("-i option is required\n");
defined( $csv_qfn )
   or usage("-o option is required\n");
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