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I am developing android application. I my application I need speech recognition.But I need speech recognition as service. I already create simple speech recognition in which when I click on button it start recognizer intent.It works fine and gives me output. But what I need when user click on button speech recognition start as service (in background).When user start specking it start recognizer and give me output.

I read few question regarding this but not getting proper solution to this kind of functionality. Is there any way to implement this. Need help... Thank you

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There is some code that does exactly what you need here:


See it running by downloading this app.

The code is a Service that runs in the background, listening for the users speech. When the user speaks a certain word, it fires an Intent. The Service also puts up a handy Notification while it is listening. There is some other code that starts and stops it here.

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Hi gregm thank you for the reply.I will try this. –  nilkash Jul 11 '12 at 4:27
@nilkash: did u try this. did it work? can you post the final code? –  Parth Doshi May 12 at 17:33

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