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hi i am using jquery ui autocomplete combobox plugin , i am creating a combobox initially in document.ready


i set some options when page is loading

<select id="combolist_city" class="city" name="search[city]">
                            <option value="0">Select city</option>
                                    foreach($city_list as $city_data)
                                        if(isset($selected_city) && ($selected_city == $city_data['CityID']))
                                            echo "<option selected='selecetd' value=".$city_data['CityID'].">".$city_data['CityName']."</option>";
                                            echo "<option value=".$city_data['CityID'].">".$city_data['CityName']."</option>";  

now i want to change his options, i am tying to do it by

                                    initialValues: ['aaa','bbb','ccc']

but it is not working , it is not recreating the options ,

how can i do this , please help.............................

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You have to do it manually. First destroy the combobox and empty the select. Append the new options and build the combobox again:

var aList = {'id1': 'val1', 'id2': 'val2', 'id3': 'val3'};
var sKey;
for (sKey in aList) {
    $("#combolist_city").append('<option value="' + sKey + '">' + aList[sKey] + '</option>');

Also see this example.

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thank you very very very much........... :D –  Kanishka Panamaldeniya Jul 10 '12 at 6:43
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