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How do I create a csrf token in a leaflet pop-up, so that the user can post some text to a database by interacting with the form? I've added the {% csrf_token %} tag to a simple html form, which works fine, but it doesn't work when I put it in the content section of the pop-up, though the other html elements work fine.

map.on('click', function(e) {
 var popupContent = '<p>What would you like to post to this location? <form action="/post_temp/" method="post"> {% csrf_token %} <p> <input type="text" name="post"> </p> <input type="submit" value="Post"> </form>',  
 popup = new L.Popup();  


Basically when I leave the token in, the Leaflet map doesn't load altogether, but if I leave it out, I get a CSRF token missing or incorrect error.

I'm a bit new to all this (javascript/leaflet/web dev/django) so I'm not sure where the problem is coming from or where I should start? I imagine I will have to poke around the leaflet.js code but I'm not confident I'll be able to make sense of it. Any advice where clearly to go or some code I could insert, or just why (in laymen terms) the code isn't working much appreciated!

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I could well be wrong here as there's not really quite enough in the question to diagnose, but I suspect that your JavaScript file is not actually generated by the Django templating system, and hence the tag you've put in won't do anything useful. –  Duncan Parkes Aug 16 '12 at 21:34

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You can send csrfmiddlewaretoken by youself

        csrfmiddlewaretoken:getCookie('csrftoken'),//or use $.cookie
      function(data) {
       //handler result

function getCookie(name) {
    var cookieValue = null;
    if (document.cookie && document.cookie != '') {
        var cookies = document.cookie.split(';');
        for (var i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) {
            var cookie = jQuery.trim(cookies[i]);
            // Does this cookie string begin with the name we want?
            if (cookie.substring(0, name.length + 1) == (name + '=')) {
                cookieValue = decodeURIComponent(cookie.substring(name.length + 1)); 
    return cookieValue;

enjoy it

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