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So question is how to temporary stop and start a jms listener created using spring using the fallowing way :

<amq:connectionFactory id="exampleJmsFactory" brokerURL="tcp://${}" />

<jms:listener-container concurrency="1" connection-factory="exampleJmsFactory"  destination-type="queue" message-converter="exampleMessageConverter">
        <jms:listener destination="incoming.example.client.queue" ref="exampleProductsMessageConsumer" method="consume"/>

<bean id="exampleProductsMessageConsumer" class="com.unic.example.jms.receive.JmsExampleProductsMessageConsumer" scope="tenant"/>

So basically what is the problem. We do have an init/update mechanism that the client can run in any time and durring this init/update I want to stop consuming of ANY messages because the system is unusable in this time and if a message came it will be lost.

So how I can stop the listener or the listener container or the whole connection using the API. I found that a class AbstractJmsListeningContainer have stop/start but how I can get it ? I mean none of this jms: listener and listener-containers have a name or anything like that.

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You can assign an id to the listener-container. Then get a reference to it, either by calling getBean or getting it injected. This will give you a AbstractJmsListeningContainer on which you can call start / stop.

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well first of all I cannot assign id really to the listener-container. The second issue is that in fact I have 3 listeners not just one so it is 1 listener-container with 3 listeners so if I try to get by class DefaultMessageListenerContainer or AbstractJmsListeningContainer it tells me that it finds 3. I guess for each listener it creates a listener container so I cannot really lookup by class/type – JOKe Jul 10 '12 at 7:32
ahh the listener object itself have an id which is passed to the container let me try that – JOKe Jul 10 '12 at 7:57

Yes thats do the trick thanks.

<jms:listener-container concurrency="1" connection-factory="exampleJmsFactory"  destination-type="queue" message-converter="exampleMessageConverter">
        <jms:listener id="exampleProductsMessageListener" destination="incoming.example.client.queue" ref="exampleProductsMessageConsumer" method="consume"/>

DefaultMessageListenerContainer exampleProductsMessageListener= Registry.getApplicationContext().getBean("exampleProductsMessageListener", DefaultMessageListenerContainer.class);

Thanks for the help gkamal

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How ill do it when i have 10 listeners, calling the same consume method. First i have to identify which listener is calling my consume method. this will make this code cumbersome. Do you any other suggestion for the same objective. – vashishth Jul 29 '14 at 11:22

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