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I am writing a WCF Service Application in Visual Studio 2010 using .NET Framework 4.0.

I am trying to implement BasicHttpBinding with HTTPS. I read in some example that I need to create a custom binding as follow and to set it as "bindingConfiguration" attribute while setting up an endpoint.


However, when I try to write similar in my web.config, the intellisense is not showing "configurationName" and "securityMode" attributes. What can be the reason here? Do I need to change any setting in Visual Studio IDE?

Any help on this, much appreciated.



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You have got the attribute names wrong, and tried to set the security mode in the wrong place:

<binding name="myBindingName">
    <security mode="Transport">

This old (July 2007!!) MSDN article has plenty of examples of both programmatic and static configuration of bindings, transport security, etc: WCF Bindings In Depth (the whole magazine is now packaged as a CHM download, but you can see the specified article directly online on wayback machine).

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oh ok... will try out this one.. but i copied this from one eBook.. This ebook is targetted for .NET Framework.. that means, it was typo in Ebook... – Nirman Jul 10 '12 at 8:11

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