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I am trying to open the uploaded file in Model clean_fields(),

class Person(models.Model):
  attach = models.FileField(upload_to='attach')
  def clean_fields(self, exclude=True):
    f = open(self.attach.path, 'rb')

The problem is, before the model save(), self.attach.path is actually wrong. the upload_to path is missing. And the file does not exist, yet.

The self.attach.path only exists and is correct after the model's save()

How do I validate an uploaded file's content in the clean_fields() process? I want to raise ValidationError, not error after the model is saved.

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in these situations, i am doing sth like this...

def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(Gallery, self).save(*args, **kwargs)
        gallery = self.process_control()
        super(Gallery, self).delete()
        return gallery
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ok, but I really want to throw ValidationError so ppl in admin or shell could found their file content is wrong. There is no way to do it in save() – est Jul 11 '12 at 0:39
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okay, since no way was able to answer this, I figuered it out myself.

def clean_fields(self, exclude=None):, self.SomeFileField, True)

Then everything is in place.

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