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I wanna write a function like this function (str, find){} such that when I have a str like

Hello every body, HeLlo and hElLo everyone blah

and term find like "hello", i get the result

<span class="match">Hello</span> every body, <span class="match">HeLlo</span> and <span class="match">hElLo</span> everyone blah
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Duplicate. Search the answers, this type of question has been answered a lot in here. –  Dainis Abols Jul 10 '12 at 7:27

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echo preg_replace('~Hello~i', '<span blabla>\0</span>', 'Hello every body, HeLlo and hElLo everyone blah');


<span blabla>Hello</span> every body, <span blabla>HeLlo</span> and <span blabla>hElLo</span> everyone blah
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