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I want to list respective Year with Total Number of Orders.


I am expecting output as -

Year        Orders
2010        1
2011        2
2012        3

As the number of <Order> elements will itself tell me the total number of Orders, I tried with the following in BaseX -

for $x in doc("Sample")/Samples/Sample
   return <li>{string-join ( ($x/Year, count($x/Order)) , " # ")}</li>

But I'm getting an error and its obvious because I am using integer instead of string in the string-join function. Or is there any other way to get the same output?

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string-join expects strings, not a number which count returns. Add a cast and it will run.

for $x in /Samples/Sample
   return <li>{ string-join( ($x/Year, xs:string(count($x/Order))), " # ") }</li>

I fixed two more errors:

  • Why are you querying Attribute Y on year? There is none.
  • You will want to count <Order> tags, not <Orders>.

Maybe using concat could make the code more readable (as long as you're only using two parameters)?

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Thanks a lot. and I have corrected the errors. Thanks a lot again :) –  John Jul 10 '12 at 8:39

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