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I am given the task of developing a system to be used internally for our office and I am trying to find out if the MySQL licencing allows me to use it for free in this application. The more I read about the licencing the more confused I get so I was hoping some of you could help me out.

The system will:

  • Only be used internally, not be distributed
  • Only be accessed internally
  • Not be embedded into the system but installed separately (connection only)
  • Not be sold or sub licensed in any way

Hopefully anyone can help me out! Many thanks in advance!

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its an open source data base engine, you can use it –  Sashi Kant Jul 10 '12 at 8:18
As Sashi says -Yes –  TerryE Jul 10 '12 at 8:22

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Yes, and BTW you could also distribute it commercially without any problem: the only thing open source license make you do is give credit, so for example you cannot use it in an application if you say it's your proprietary engine instead of giving credit to actual developers.

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It is open source so you can use it internally as well as externally also.

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