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It appears that for some reason my content slider sits "on top" of my navigation menu despite my adjustment of various z-index properties to correct the issue.

The wrapper on my menu is a positionable element and the slider is only setting the content to z-index's of 98 or 99 so I can't quite figure out why setting my menu to a z-index of 999 doesn't work.

I've tried adjusting the various z-indexes via Firebug to no avail.

The site in question currently resides on our test server here:

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Post your HTML CSS please , it will be helpful. – freebird Jul 10 '12 at 8:25
I think viewing the source in your browser, or better yet using a plugin dedicated to this sort of debugging like Firebug is much more suitable to this particular issue due to the complexity of the HTML/CSS involved. The CSS alone is 1400 lines. Since I am unsure where I need to adjust the property I don't know how much of this huge chunk of code to include. Usually I'm pretty good with CSS, but this issue really eludes me. I'm wondering if it is related to the slider styling being in-line. – Colt McCormack Jul 10 '12 at 8:32
No issues I hope you are aware that z-index only work when the element is positioned to absolute or relative.Pls check if the slider which sits on top is positioned. – freebird Jul 10 '12 at 8:35
Yes the slider uses absolute positioning and z-indexes of 98 or 99. The menu has a position:relative tacked onto it's parent element. – Colt McCormack Jul 10 '12 at 8:37
try positioning your menu to absolute, then use z-index to force it on top. – Dexter Huinda Jul 10 '12 at 8:38
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enter image description hereUsually position: absolute; along with z-index works always in my projects with sliders. Do not forget to render the menu after the slider so it is forced to sit on top.

Here is what I did when I edited your HTML in Chrome:

<div class="main">
 your slider code

<!--See the added inline styles -->

<div class="wrapper_menu menu_dark_theme" style="position: absolute; margin-top: -1200px; z-index: 9999;">
   <ul class="menu menu_takeflight">...</ul>

See screen capture attached:

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