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I have very little experience with Windows platform and I really need a tool to test my application from the UI side. Quick i-net search make me completely baffled, so any help is highly appreciated.

Key requirements:

  1. Can fire user-driven events (such as click on specific place, drag'n'drop, text input)
  2. Can capture screenshots (e.g. on failure)
  3. Can analyze screenshots (sometimes application fires random events and creates pop-ups, needs to intercept and handle such situations). Maybe I can delegate this to some third-party process?
  4. Can create reports and store them in file system.

Application itself is written on C#, but it doesn't matter, right?

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"sometimes application fires random events" ? :-) – Matten Jul 10 '12 at 8:36

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If you're developing with WPF (or even WinForms), I'd give Microsoft UI Automation a shot. In conjunction with MSUnit or NUnit it allows easy and programmable UI tests.

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Nunit is good for functional & Logic testing, its 3rd Party and free to Install. But I dont think it will cover capturing Screenshots etc.

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