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I use Watir in RadRails IDE. I create a class which checks if some text is present on my web page:

class Text

  def initialize(text, object)
    @text   = text
    @object = object

    if $ie.contains_text(@text)
      puts "Test for" + @object + "failed"
      puts $ => /Exception:/)

      h = $ => /Exception:/)
      r.addtoReport(testReport, "check" + @object, "FAILED", h.text)
      puts("Test for" + @object + "passed")

          "check" + @object, 
          "Test for" + @object + "passed"


But when I try to execute the code in my test I get the following error -

BPM/Company.rb:38:in `initialize': undefined method `contains_text' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
from BPM/Company.rb:79:in `new'
from BPM/Company.rb:79:in `<main>'

I call the class by this command -"Menu", "login")

Changes in code -

def initialize(text, object, ie)
    @text   = text
    @object = object
    if @ie.contains_text(@text)
      puts "Test for" + @object + "failed"
      puts => /Exception:/)

I call the class by this command -"Terms", "login",$ie)

Before describing classes ie is initialized

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Where is $ie coming from? -- it seems you didn't initialize ie:

ie =
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i have changed code a bit and grt same error, changes is in updated question – khris Jul 11 '12 at 9:34

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