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It's not a joke. I'm trying to see if I'm missing something. In the official documentation, I see only a description and the claim that the framework is well-documented. I wonder where is this excellent documentation?

I need to write a simple demo e-shop with a simple list of products and integration with ipayment.de. The list, I can do easily. But where do I read on how to integrate the ipayment form with the shop?

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There's a doc/ directory in the git repository, which contains what looks like the source files for docs.satchless.com. You can cd into the doc/ directory and run make (you'll probably need to install Sphinx) to generate the HTML docs yourself.

It looks like, in addition to the index page you linked to, there is a file product.rst, which is amazingly not linked from index.rst (and thus product.html is not linked from index.html):


If that doesn't fulfil "well-documented", perhaps they mean it will be so? ;)

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