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Is there any way to do addObjectFromArray:atIndex:?

I have 2 NSMutableArrays. Lets say 1st array is array1 and the 2nd is array2. They ar filled with values. And I need to add item from array1 at index 3 to array2. Is it possible?

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Does the index in array2 matter? Meaning: Do you want to have the object in array2 at the same index as in array1 (if possible)? –  Orangenhain Jul 10 '12 at 9:05

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Retrieve the object using:

[array1 objectAtIndex:3]

Add the object using:

[array2 addObject:theObject];

In other words, the following adds object 3 from array1 to array2:

 [array2 addObject:[array1 objectAtIndex:3]];
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You need to break this into two steps, like this:

[array2 addObject: [array1 objectAtIndex: index3]];
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We have addObjectsFromArray: method it means,adds the objects contained in another given array to the end of the receiving array’s content. But we don't have addObjectFromArray:atIndex: method. For getting your results, you can use methods what NSMutableArray class contains.

[array2 addObject: [array1 objectAtIndex: index3]];

Here we can use two methods addObject: and objectAtIndex:. For more details, use this link.

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