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My code produces 9 lovely scatter plots. However, they come out in an odd order (seemingly right to left, starting at the bottom of the list of columns to plot).

Is there a way to specify the order they should be plotted in?

My code follows.

Z <- as.vector(as.matrix(sample_clean_data[, c("agri_dist", "allroads_dist", "DES_dist",
                                "elevation", "river_dist", "pop_dens",
                                "slope", "urban_dist", "LS_dist_to_edge")]))

Y10 <- rep(sample_clean_data$change, 9)

MyNames <- names(sample_clean_data[,c("agri_dist", "allroads_dist", "DES_dist",
                       "elevation", "river_dist", "pop_dens",
                       "slope", "urban_dist", "LS_dist_to_edge")])

ID10 <- rep(MyNames, each = length(sample_clean_data$change))

ID11 <- factor(ID10, labels = c("Distance to nearest agriculture",  
                            "Distance to nearest road", 
                            "Distance to Dar es Salaam", 
                            "Elevation (m)", 
                            #"Distance to nearest main road", 
                            "Distance to nearest major river", 
                            "Population density (indiv./km2)",
                            "Distance to nearest urban centre",
                            "Landsat - Distance to forest edge"
           levels = c("agri_dist", "allroads_dist", "DES_dist",
                      "elevation", "river_dist", "pop_dens",
                      "slope", "urban_dist", "LS_dist_to_edge"))    

 xyplot(Y10 ~ Z | ID11, col = 1,
   strip = function(bg='white',...) strip.default(bg='white',...),
   scales = list(alternating = F,
                 x = list(relation = "free"),
                 y = list(relation = "same")),
   xlab = "Covariates",
   par.strip.text = list(cex = 0.8),
   ylab = "Change",
   panel=function(x, y, subscripts,...){
     panel.grid(h =- 1, v = 2)
     panel.points(x, y, col = 1, pch = 16)

I assumed they would come out in the order they went in, from the top of the list, and plotted from the top left corner.

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Please give us a reproducible example, as explained here :… – Joris Meys Jul 10 '12 at 9:17
You mean something along the lines of ?gridExtra::grid.arrange? – Roman Luštrik Jul 10 '12 at 9:53
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To get the plotting order you expect, perhaps try adding as.table=TRUE to your call to xyplot().

From ?xyplot:


    A logical flag that controls the order in which panels should be displayed: 
    if FALSE (the default), panels are drawn left to right, bottom to top (as in 
    a graph); if TRUE, left to right, top to bottom (as in a table).
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