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I have this Gridlayout in Java.

It has 3 columns. The left and right columns contain an image and the center column contains the data.

Since Im not very used to using layoutmanagers I need to ask it over here.

How can I set the left and right columns to a variable width and the center layout to a fixed with. So that the left and right columns will crop but the center column stays intact and in the center of the screen?

And is this even possible with a GridLayout?

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A GridLayout is too rigid for your application: you cannot tell it to treat some rows or columns different than others. Perhaps you should have a look at GridBagLayout. There you can use weight settings to distribute additional space to the image parts, have them fill the additional space assigned to them, and have the central part at its preferred size. In case preferred size isn't the size you want, you might have to wrap that component into some component for which you can set the preferred size.

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