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I am working on business analytics application, where I need to fetch some data on per hour basis of a particular month. for example I wanna get the data from jun 01 2012 to jun 30 2012 and I need to fetch the data of every hour between those days. Like 12:00 13:00,13:00-14:00 ....etc.

How do I do it. Kindly let me know. Using 1.8.7 platform.

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If you are using Rails there is a Date method step:

On pure ruby just write simple loop:,01,01,0,0,0) #start time,01,31,23,59,59) #end time
step=60*60 #1hour
while t<=max_time
     p t #your code here
     t += step

To simplify use this ruby extension:

module TimeStep

  def step(limit, step)  # :yield: time
    t = self
    op = [:-,:<=,:>=][step<=>0]
    while t.__send__(op, limit)
       yield t
       t += step

Time.send(:include, TimeStep) #include the extension

t.step(,01,31,23,59,59),3600) do |time|
  puts time

You can also down-iterate:,01,31)
t.step(,01,1),-3600) do |time|
   puts time
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I think there is already an answer to that here.

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start =, 6, 1).to_time.to_i
stop  =, 6, 30).to_time.to_i

(start..stop).step(1.hour).each do |timestamp| 
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Yup, step is fine!

a =
b = + 3600*8
(a..b).step(3600){|t| puts t}
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