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I am new to python and am looking to write a simple GUI for a script I wrote. I would need to be able to drag/drop boxes within a window. i.e. I would have a blank field and under it a list of options represented by different boxes. I would then want to be able to drag the options in the filed and list them in it as they are added. I know this is relatively easy do to in javascript using jQuery but I am not doing a web application. Which python gui framework would allow me to do this drag/drop easily ? Tkinter, pyQT, wxPython ? Thank you all a lot for your help

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wxPython with:

  1. Boa Constructor - Example
  2. wxDesigner

Theres also qt bindings with pyqt and pyside, where you could use QT Creator to Design your applications.

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you can use Rapyd for python development with Tkinter.

This is an open-source development environment for developing applications using Python, Tkinter and, optionally, Pmw.

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