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I am trying to start logstash with monit. I have a directory where i have logstash in which /home/slee/PROJECT/logstash.

First I create a bash script(wrapper) to run logstash in as suggested in the monit site. I created this:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/java/

case $1 in
    echo $$ > /var/run/logstash.pid;
    #exec 2>&1 java -jar $CLASSPATH agent -f $CONFIG -- web --backend elasticsearch:///?local 1> /var/log/apache2/logstash.log
    exec java -jar $CLASSPATH agent -f $CONFIG --log /var/log/logstash-indexer.out -- web --log /var/log/logstash-web.out --backend elasticsearch://localhost/
    kill `cat /var/run/logstash.pid` ;;
echo "usage: logstash {start|stop}" ;;
exit 0

If I run this with ./logstash start. It works like a charm but if I add it to monit as such:

check process logstash with pidfile /var/run/logstash.pid
group system
start program = "/bin/bash /home/slee/PROJECT/twyxt/logstash/logstash.sh"
stop  program = "/bin/bash /home/slee/PROJECT/twyxt/logstash/logstash.sh"
if failed host localhost port 9292
protocol http then restart
if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout

It does not start logstash at all. Can anyone tell me why? Or give me an Idea on how to solve this.

I sent an email to the logstash group and they gave me this link http://cookbook.logstash.net/recipes/using-upstart/#upstart%20logstash%20config

I tried it but I kept getting a slee@ubuntu:~/PROJECT/logstash/upstart/backup$ sudo initctl start logstash initctl: Unknown job: logstash

I dont know what could be wrong with the logstash config since I changed the directory to my own. Please help.

Best Regards, Stevenson Lee

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Checkout https://logstash.jira.com/browse/LOGSTASH-458

I added a HOME variable to my startup script and now it starts up through monit

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In my experience, the only way to get monit to start java processes is to use the Java Service Wrapper. I've seen examples that show monit starting java directly but they just won't work for me.

ElasticSearch describes the Java Service Wrapper.

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