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I am new to hibernate, and while writing one of .hbm files, few questions raised to my mind, and posting them on SO in hope to get a answer

Q: we map property of pojo to db fields

<property name="birth_dt" type="date"> <column name="BIRTH_DATE" length="4" /> </property>

how does type attribute help/not-help inside the property tag and what is the dif between type as "date" and "java.util.Date"? how does length attribute help/not-help inside the column tag?

what i want to understand is: what is the use of these attributes


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Type: it is the type from the Hibernate type system. You may, for instance, use a custom type here. When mapping a basic value type, there is no difference between specifying the java type name or the Hibernate type, see the reference documentation.

Length: it is used for schema generation for data types which support a length, like varchar.

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