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I need to force reread data from DB within one php execution, using propel. I already have a bit hacky solution: call init%modelName% for corresponding classes, but want something better.

Is there any single call or service config option for that? Like killing whole instance pool.

About service: we use symfony2 and don't need cache only in one specific case, hence we can create even separate environment for that.

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You can globally disable the instance pooling by calling: Propel::disableInstancePooling() (Propel::enableInstancePooling() is useful to enable the instance pooling).

Otherwise, you can rely on PEER classes which contain generated methods like clearInstancePool(), and clearRelatedInstancePool().

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Actually, my problem was in another place, but thanks for the answer. – kirilloid Jul 13 '12 at 7:09

I needed to update realated objects and found out clear%modelName% should be called.

init%modelName% deletes all entries and related entires could never be read. clear[Related]InstancePool don't help.

$foo = FooQuery->create()->findOne();
// meanwhile somebody else updated DB and Propel don't know about that:
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `foo_bars`, (`foo_id`, `bar_id`) VALUES (".$foo->getId().", 1)");
// here we need some magic to force Propel re-read relation table.
// now entries would be re-read
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