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I know that this question must be answered a lot of times already, but it is really giving me a headache right now.

The touchesBegan: is not being called in my UIView. Before I added it in my app, I made a trial project first. In the trial project, everything worked perfectly. What I did was subclass a UIView where the touchesBegan: is being implemented, and add this UIView as a subview of another view. This second view has a button which shows the subclassed UIView once clicked. Again, everything works exactly how I want it to.

Now, when I did the same thing in my existing app, the touchesBegan: method (as well as the touchesMoved:) is never called. Can anyone explain to me why? I just don't really understand why it was never called.

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is the user interaction enabled for your view? –  alinoz Jul 10 '12 at 11:45
When I enabled the user interaction, it still doesn't recognize the touches. Still though, in my trial project I didn't even enabled the user interaction, yet it still recognize the touches. –  Anna Fortuna Jul 11 '12 at 1:05

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I just found the answer to this. I forgot to mention that the view is inside another UIView, which the userInteraction is disabled (It is disabled by default). So when I enabled the userInteraction of this view, the touches are now being recognized.

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In my case background = UIColor.clearColor() was the reason why touchesBegan was not called. Its obviously not called on transparent elements.

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